These are our most frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wet my lashes?

Yes! It is important to wash your lashes everyday to remove the oil and debris. Purchase our sensitive lash bath.

How long after having permanent makeup can I not wet my brows!?

Please avoid moisture for the first 10 days or until you’re done peeling!

How do I know which style of brows to book?

You can send us a photo of your brows and we can help determine the best option for you based on your skin type and what you’d like to achieve.

Can I wear makeup with my lashes?

Please do not apply mascara or eyeliner on your lashes or lash line! This will create build up and poor retention!

I’ve had my brows done by someone else, can I come in and have them done by HOB?

Yes, however; we will not “touch up” previous work so please book for an initial appointment and select the “coverup” option.

Do your trainings come with a kit?

Yes! All of our in person trainings include a kit to service clients upon completion!

how should I prepare for my appointment?

For any service, please come in with a clean face and no caffeine prior!

Do your spray tans turn orange?

No! We use NUDA professional products that don’t cause an orange look and instead more warm undertone.