Microblading Training

Microblading Training $2400 (Private)

This is a 2 day training (10am - 5pm) where you will learn how to perform Microblading and the hairlike strokes technique. You will work hands on with a model as well as practice skin. You do not need to have any experience, you will need a tattoo artist license in your state and we will explain how to obtain it online via a web course once deposit is placed.

What will I learn?

  • History & background
  • Color & pigment theory
  • Structure & composition of the skin
  • Symmetry measurement methods
  • Sanitation & sterilization
  • Prevention of cross-contamination and infections
  • Client consultation
  • Contraindications
  • Working on artificial skin
  • ​Learning about the depth of pigment insertion
  • Observe procedure (demonstration)
  • Hands on work using models
  • Aftercare (forms and instructions)

    What's in my kit?

    • 10 Microblading pens with blades
    • 50 Pigment rings
    • 1 Box of machine sleeves
    • 1 Numbing gel
    • 10 Brow razors
    • 2 Skin sheets
    • 1 Biowaste container
    • 4 Pigments